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  landfill services  

Marco Surveying and Mapping is a full-service surveying and mapping firm, with specific experience providing landfill surveying services.

Our project managers and staff have extensive experience with landfill projects. Our services include:
Cell Construction 
Landfill Gas (LFG), Gas Collection and   Control System Construction 
Leacheate Force Main Surveys 
Gas to Energy Facility Construction 
Quarterly Topographic and Volume   Surveys
Reclamation Topographic and Volume   Surveys
Liner Close-Out Surveys 
Transfer Station Construction
Flare Relocation
Monitoring Well Surveys
Stormwater Management Surveys


Our team members have provided survey services at Several Landfill and Recycling Centers across the state of Florida, included among them are Collier County Landfill, Immokalee Landfill, Delta Recycling Facility, Gulf Coast Landfill and Northwest Landfill in Hernando County. 
Our value is rooted in our extensive experience with landfill contractors, facilities managers and municipalities.


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